Hot Days Call for Frozen Drinks

We`re all experiencing the heat. Recently, you folks who call southern California "home" were treated to 100+ degree weather. At the same time, the weather out east was around 88...with suffocating humidity. I think I`d take 100+ dry heat over the humidity any day. Point is, cold drinks were in order for all of us last week.Read more

Sandra Green

Summer Desserts Made Easy

Our restaurant's Pastry Chef, Holly Caporale, knows that summer is not the time to spend hours in the kitchen, not when sun, surf and sand call upon our heartstrings! At the same time, quality, freshness and flavor are elements to never compromise on when it comes to her sweet creations.Read more

John Nelson

As American as It Gets

Growing up, the 4th of July was my favorite holiday. School was out for the summer and the date always meant a large family get together with tons of food, lots of laughs and fireworks. Now that I`m an adult and don`t live near my family, Independence Day is somewhat different in that it`s usually spent with my wife and kids and I`m usually the one cooking.Read more

Richard Jackson